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TimeWise Cleaning provides the best available house cleaning supplies and equipment to assure exemplary service. To bring you the most up-to-date home cleaning techniques, we continually evaluate industry trends and developments. Our cleaning supplies are the safest and most effective available for bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, and floors; these products are safe for your family, pets, home, our staff, and the environment. We thoroughly test all our products and equipment in different environments before upgrading – you won’t be disappointed!

Our principle cleaning product contains hydrogen peroxide, a proven disinfectant and natural deodorizer. This Core product is GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED and is safe to use on any surface that can be cleaned with water! Learn more about CORE PRODUCTS COMPANY and their green seal-certified hydrogen peroxide cleaners.

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ProTeam commercial vacuums with Four Level® Filtration that retain up to 99.9% of all dirt 1 micron and larger will be used in your home. These vacuums earned the Gold Seal of Approval/Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute and will help reduce indoor air contaminants and provide a healthier home environment.


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We use microfiber cloths designed and manufactured specifically for cleaning. The many benefits of cleaning with microfiber include less residual lint, virtually smear-free mirrors and glass, effective cleaning with less product, and powerful capture of dust, dirt, and germs.


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